TEAMDesktop → A Comprehensive Solution

What happens on the field or in the pool or on the court is just one (very important) part of college coaching. To be the best you have to do more ... you have to recruit new talent, mentor student-athletes, scout your opponents, schedule next season, and meet with your staff.

And that's just before lunch.

TEAMDesktop can help you make the most of every minute. This is more than just recruiting software - it's all-you-do-ware.

Recruiting Who's on first?

Sorting through profiles can feel like trying to master the Dewey Decimal System. TEAMDesktop's recruit profiles can be customized to show you exactly what you want to see in a single click. We have online questionnaires, and file upload, and event management - it's all here. Find what you want when you need it. Build for the future. With ease.


Team Portal

Team Portal You've got mail!

Managing student-athletes is an evolving challenge. With all the texting and tweeting, who has time for email anymore? We know how hard it can be to communicate with your team, which is why we developed our team communication portal. From our mobile app to calendar sharing to group text messaging - we'll help you keep tabs on your student-athletes.

Reporting Need it? Got it.

What's the use of putting data into your recruiting software if you can't get it out when and how you want to? You'd probably like to create your own customized reports and forms. But it's also nice to have a few quick-and-easy options so you can quickly grab common bits of info. So we let you do both. Isn't that the way data extraction should be?

Custom Reporting

Efficient & Easy

Be Efficient Time is precious.

Not too many coaches get into the game because of the office work. Did you? Your team management software should be helping you spend more time on the field or at the courts or in the pool. TEAMDesktop isn't going to sell you on a bunch of bells and whistles (those are for referees). We're gonna offer you solutions to help you spend less time in here, and more time where you want to be.

User-Friendly Workflow Utilities Do your [own] thing.

There's more than one way to skin a cat, and you already know what works best for you. TEAMDesktop is flexible and easily customizable, so you can work the way you feel most comfortable. Like to make checklists? We have one. Prefer a simple event calendar? Fine. Group recruits as you like, customize your data sets, save one-click reports. TD isn't a new way to work - it's your way (just easier).

Workflow Utilities