Most commonly asked questions.

How long is the free trial?

60 Days. You will be billed after 30 days of use, and your first payment is due 30 days later. If you don't wish to pay for use of the system, then it will be automatically deactivated--you don't have to cancel.

What sports is it for?

Any sport. There are no sport-specific items in TEAMDesktop. The software was designed to be used by coaches in every collegiate sport.

What is web software?

It's software that runs over the internet. TEAMDesktop is database-driven web software. All your data is stored in a database, which the software accesses and presents to you in a webpage format. There is nothing to install on your computer, and you can access the software from any modern (even mobile) browser.

How will I get software updates?

Because TEAMDesktop is web software, all updates/fixes will be automatically applied to your system as soon as they are released. You don't have to download updates, and there is nothing to install on your computer.

Is my data secure?

Yes. TEAMDesktop is on its own, secure server running over an encrypted connection. A firewall protects the system from intruders, and there are daily backups of all data. The only way to access your team's data is through the user login, which you control.

When and how will I be billed for using the TEAMDesktop?

An invoice will appear on your Billing page (in the Admin section of the software) 30 days prior to the expiration of your agreement. Simply print out the invoice, and remit payment within 30 days to extend your agreement for another year.

If I don't understand a part of the software, what should I do?

TEAMDesktop software is so user-friendly and easy to use that you'll rarely ever refer to the built in tutorials. If you do get stuck, however, you can always click the HELP link to get specific instructions for using the features on that page.

I forgot to pay. Can I restore my disabled system? Is my data gone?

TEAMDesktop will keep your data for at least one (1) year after your system expires. To restore a disabled system, send an email to support@teamdesktop.com

I accidentally deleted some data, can I get it back?

No. Once you delete data from your system it is permanently removed from the database. If you want a record of data you wish to delete, use the system's file export feature to create a file to save on your own computer.

I have a question that is not in these FAQ's. I have a suggestion.

Please send an email to info@teamdesktop.com with any questions/suggestions.