You wouldn't let a software company manage your money, so why should they tell you how to manage your team? Recruiting software should help you do your job the way you do it. We want to help your do it your way, with less effort.

You need recruiting software that puts coaches first--not administrators, not compliance officers, not recruits.

TEAMDesktop is completely customizable so you can work they way you feel most comfortable. Our powerful recruiting and team management tools will help make your process more efficient, more organized, and more cohesive. And because the software was written specifically to serve coaches, there's no extraneous functionality to bog you down.

More than ten years ago, before smartphones and ubiquitous WIFI networks, the foundations of TEAMDesktop were laid. Our first communication tools were based around sending snail mail. Now it's social media. Access on the go used to mean exporting to Excel. Now it's through our mobile app. Ten years ago coaches needed a better way. Now they have TEAMDesktop.

Data management isn't your forte. It's ours. We're not going to tell you how to coach, but we can help you spend more time coaching.